Over 10 years of blogging experience

I have been an avid blogger since my first travel blog in 2006. Twelve years and three major blogs lately I still enjoy blogging personally and professionally.

No Keg To Stand On

Currently I am the lead blogger at No Keg to Stand On. A blog which focuses on craft beer throughout the southern United States. With 145 blog posts and counting, No Keg to Stand on has been my way to connect with the Craft Beer Community all over the world while practicing my love of writing.

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For the blog I have also created a travel map and a Javascript Macro Beer Excuse Generator.


The Digital Tattoo Project

Content Creation was a major part of my role as Project Coordinator for The Digital Tattoo Project. Once a week I would publish a blog about topics relating to managing a positive digital identity. The full backlog of my blog posts can be found – HERE.

Blogging wasn’t the only content I created for The Digital Tattoo Project. Check out our stop motion video about Data Mining below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHs5wbN_XY0?rel=0]

Travel Blogs

Starting with my 2006 Study Abroad in Tunisia to working for the International Red Cross and Crescent Society in Geneva Switzerland, I have been lucky to work and travel all over the world. Not only does blogging provide me a platform to share my experiences with friends and family back home. It also connects me with other travelers from all over the world. My 2009-2011 Blog Katie to Korea was named one of the top 100 foreign blogs in South Korea by the Department of Tourism.

Latest trip had me blogging through Bolivia.

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