Site Redesign – The Digital Tattoo Project

The Digital Tattoo Project is a multi-university funded project to teach undergraduate students about managing their digital identity. Students are growing up as digital natives, they still need to learn how to present themselves online to future employers and current classmates. The Digital Tattoo Project covers a diverse variety of topics from identity theft to intellectual property.

I worked as the Project Coordinator for The Digital Tattoo Project from 2012 to 2014. The largest project during my time there was a complete site design. I wire framed several options for the stakeholders including new navigation, icons and interactive badge elements.  Working with the development team, The Digital Tattoo Project went from wire frames to a completed resign in under three months.

Pre-redesign landing page. 
Pre-redesign Protect page.
Post-redesign landing page. 
Post-redesign Protect page.