Travel Site Redesign on SharePoint 2013

Travel Site Redesign

A department lead reached out to me with the request to move department information from a static HTML website to a functional SharePoint 2013 site. This site needed a complete redesign with added functionality. I acted as project manager to gather requirements, feedback and sign off  from executive level stakeholders. The site went live in June 2018 to positive reviews from executives and users alike.

The Original Solution

  • All documentation was stored on a basic HTML intranet site.
  • Documents were divided by category with no differentiation between forms owned and managed by the business and those which came from outside sources.
  • The site appeared dated and lacked interactivity.



My Redesign

  • The redesign must take place within the restrictions of SharePoint 2013 and the mandated master page made it difficult to do a complete design overhaul.
  • Documents were moved from an Intranet page linking to a shared drive, onto SharePoint 2013. This opened up new functionality such as permissions control, versioning and  uploading documents directly into the access repository.
  • A header image on each site created a sense of unique branding within the larger SharePoint ecosystem. The new design makes it clear to users which documents are internal and which are external. This reduces confusion and reduces reliance on easily broken links.
  • By creating a GUI interface to take users to the correct page, the new design interface guides the users to the correct information while explaining the provenance of forms and documents.
The redesigned landing page.


A redesigned subject level page. Documents and external links have been separated.